The ridiculously-low homologated weight of 1360kg was a result of Draper determining that the lowest-weight model in the XD product range was the taxi pack, and used that figure - CAMS didn't question it, and it wasn't raised as an issue until Johnson's Tru-Blu car was weighed at Calder at the ATCC round in 1981 - and was found to be on the money at around 1381kg, where Carter's car was about 1600kg.

Ford Motor Company had dropped out of motor racing. Wayne Draper hadn’t. With help from Howard Marsden, Wayne designed the Group C XD’s out of the Ford design centre (all behind Ford’s back). Murray Carter then helped get it approved by CAMS. Wayne and Bob McWilliam used Phase Autos to produce the road going versions that wold be sold through Ford dealerships nationally (to enable the Group C’s to race). Since Wayne never wanted Ford to drop the HO Phase names - and he was nearly fired over the Group C’s (he was lucky they were successful), he named this car the Phase 5. It is still available from it’s origianl home here at HO Phase Autos (with name plate).
HO XD Falcon body kit. XD Group C bodykit.