Segment for Channel 31's MyDrive on the HO Interceptor of Keith Alexander. Essentially the modern successor to the classic 351 GTHO.

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HO Phase Autos designed and supplied the kits for the original XD/XE Group C Falcon race cars, including Dick Johnson’s Tru Blue and Greens Tuf. HO also built their road going counterparts, the Phase 5 & 6 Falcons. The Allan Moffat Falcon also came from the HO workshop, with the XF Millenium Falcon and AUSCAR. Ford factory designer, Wayne Draper, was the brainchild and designer behind HO.
H.O. (Homologated Options) was established by Ford Motor Co. US in the 60’s with the GT-HO Mustang. Ford Australia then released the GT-HO Falcons which took the country by storm. In 1978, Ford abandoned HO and gave the name to Wayne Draper help him sell enough Phase 5 production vehicle to make the XD eligible to race under CAMS law.

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